Question & Answers about EU challenges after Parliament election 2019. Of course, the answers will be part of the debate during the conference. No one got the truth, but sometimes statistic may improve our understanding…


Nationalism and populism will be a real challenge for EU institutions?

No, because the result of EU Parliament election shows a different situation in majority.

Does political and economic inequality have been rising between ’80s and ’10s?

Yes, they have. The main cause has been the change of the economic system, from Keynesian welfare oriented capitalism to a new and more aggressive one, which is still standing.

Is there a democratic deficit in Europe?

Yes, because the EU Parliament got no power the power to control the EU Executive.

Is the “shut the door” solution a real answer to immigration and refugees?

Statistic shows a different movie. Furthermore, there is no solution if Western countries do not control the imperialism over Middle East and Africa. In add, the real problem is not to shut the door, but make intelligent use of human resources. There is a lot of work to do. Let use immigration in a dignity perspective, provinding to all the people a job: but this seems to be impossible during these capitalistic aggressive choices...


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