Political (toy) players

It’s true: this article was written in Italy. Maybe this is the reason why someone has been thinking it was no more than a joke. We are used to comedians in politic, even before Mr. Trump. Looking at these pics, we have been thinking to fake news with the Italian comedian Paolo Villaggio portrayed as the new leader of the UK’s government.

Some portraits of the new Prime Minister of the English’ government, 2019. Source: Twitter

As Fondazione M, we used to be rationalist, empiricist, with a scientific approach even to anthropological and sociological issues as politic needs.

Sometimes we have the taste of doubt with reference to special question like “Have we really landed to the moon?”, considering that a rationalist approach seems to be heavier in the side of “not“, rather than “yes“. Anyway, we may choose even the minority side, but never with the arrogance of a dogma. What is real is that we weren’t that night with Aldrin & co. at the Moon pizza. As usual, even this time we don’t want to express a judgement based on a prejudice.

In fact, this article is not based on an ex ante evaluation of Mr. Boris Johnson. We must have respect for the leader of a great democracy as United Kingdom used to be, in the same way and with similar hairs we are obliged to give in present time to Mr. Trump’s USA. What we should reflect on is on a deeper level, and it concerns our modern disposal about national politicians and their effectiveness in commanding institutions. Should we reflect over the increasing sensation that the real power is elsewhere than in national bodies? That is more based on economic corporations? Should we reflect why is it more and more decreasing the importance of the political arena? Should we have some question about how and why is that becoming just a theatrical, burlesque parody?

Populism is the paradox of this kind of phenomena, with the possibility for adventurers, would-be super-heroes, comedians, singers and clowns to become leaders of the liquid modernity, where everything goes and passes by. The international dimension of the populism maybe suggests we should be lesser selective and more open to a better listening to science-fiction theories like the dominion of reptilians and similar fairy tales based on a new kind of analphabetism which is the proper one of the fake propaganda’s era.

Just to say some words about it. Have a nice day.


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