Anticipazioni sulla nuova Commissione Europea presieduta da Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker has made a successful start.
As he handed out precise tasks to his new Commissioners he indicated to them that Europe now has a 29th Member State, i.e.the 25 million unemployed, and that this has to mobilise all of their energies and employ all of their time. With this he has confirmed his priority: reviving the European economy.
To succeed he has overturned all of the accepted conventions. The Commission will have an executive of 7 Vice-Presidents who have authority over the others in order to rise to the obvious challenges of stimulating new growth for jobs, the digital economy, energy and climate, and the deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union. A specific Commissioner will be responsible for migration. A first Vice-President – another novelty – will for his part have authority over all of the others and ensure that there is better regulation – in other words less bureaucracy. This is because the new President of the Commission wants his College to devote itself to what is vital and exclude the superfluous. This new executive comprises five former Prime Ministers who have been successful in their own countries, which are generally small. This means that the new realities of Europe are being taken into account.

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