To our friends in the USA

As far as we can read from statistics in these days USA friends are interested to our humble M Foundation, we may communicate to them about the election in USA. Of course, they are seen by us as something important for the whole world, but not yet suffisant to create in us a confusion between politicians and history, and especially the inner history of the world.

Amd what about “trumpet consensus” between some wanna be “illuminated organization”? Just the same old song: everything may be obtained paying for. It’s capitalism, baby. But we don’t care for. Not too much.

We should say, to be clearer, that power is always corrupted. And that a single man cannot make the difference, even if he is the president of the USA. And if he would try to make something (able to contrast the industrial military complex, the deep state), he would die.

As an old song says: “I shouted out: who killed the Kennedies? When after all it was just you and me…”


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