Science and Conscience

With the restless work of its Director, prof. Arta Musaraj, Academicus Scientific Journal comes to ten years of activity and twenty issues in its archive.

In line with the reason that created the famous relevance credited to this mainly sociological review, this nr. XX issue inquires the relation between science and conscience, which is a very interesting topic.

Through this link you may get access to the whole number, and to the prof. Franco Ferrarotti’s article on the topic, evoking an “Invisible College”. If you like, you can read also an article written by Davide C. Crimi concerning poetry and urban change.

Un commento

  1. A quote from this Ferrarotti’s essay: ” the counter-culture movement has come of age. It is no longer to be confused with the grandiose, but highly unrealistic, dream of a totally liberated world through a cathartic revolution and a consequent palingenesis. Rather,it emerges as a piece-meal transformation which is constantly under the control of community judgment, in order to strike the best connection between what is ideally desirable and what is today already possible.


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