VIDEO: Goodbye roaming fees

Dal 15 giugno, le chiamate telefoniche da uno Stato Membro non avranno più costi roaming addizionali. Un video racconta tutto. Sottotitoli in italiano disponibili.

As of 15 June 2017, EU citizens travelling to another EU Member States won’t have no roaming fees any more. This means they can call, send text messages and surf on their mobile for the same price as they pay at home.

Unlimited calls and SMS domestically remain unlimited while travelling in the EU. In cases of unlimited of very competitive domestic data offers, EU rules ensure that roaming data limits cover the normal usage patterns of most travellers. If a person reaches the limit, he/she can continue to use data roaming for a very small fee: up to €0.077/GB + VAT, which is 6.5 times less than before 15 June 2017 and 25 times less than before that.

Roam Like at Home rules enter into force on 15 June 2017. People will pay domestic prices for phone-calls, SMS and mobile internet, irrespective of where they are travelling in the EU.

VIDEO: Goodbye roaming fees


[Subtitles in all 24 languages available]

European Commission
Directorate-General for CommunicationAudiovisual ServicesBERL 04/265

B-1049 Brussels/Belgium


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