Italy and Albania cooperation in culture: Academicus

The General Consul of Italy in Vlora and the Editor in Chief of Academicus ISJ started the Cultural year of the Italian Embassy in Albania, with the presentation for the Albanian public of “Essays on Culture, Politics and Power” of Franco Ferrarotti, published by Academicus ISJ.
In a press conference, The Consul of Italy in Vlora, Stefano Bergesio and the Editor in Chief of Academicus ISJ, Prof. Arta Musaraj, introduced the book by making also a reassume of the echo and success of this book up to now in Italy and worldwide.
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According to Prof. Musaraj, Franco Ferrarotti, introduces to the international community of researchers and scientists as well as decision and policy makers, a very unique work for the arguments it introduces, as well as for answers and orientations it gives.
The General Consul of Italy in Vlore, HE. Bergesio, considered that the General Consulate of Italy in Vlore, during 15 years have been taking a very active role in the promotion of the values of collaboration in science and culture between Albania and Italy and this book can be also considered as a result of this philosophy of collaboration among mutual academic circles and a contribution of the collaboration through culture and education.
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