Reddito di Base Incondizionato

Un’immagine che riassume bene l’estensione del network mondiale per il Reddito di Base Incondizionato, completa di un elenco di pagine dedicate all’argomento qui su Facebook.
"Nulla è più potente di un’idea il cui tempo è giunto" – Victor Hugo.


A tribute to the BIG* social art collective – you are shaping society in a new way

On the black picture you see a detail from my own visualized Basic Income network: each dot corresponds to a person, and they are all interconnected.
The other little pics are logos of Basic Income pages here on Facebook from all around the world (links below). And in both cases there are much more out there.

All these people are working in order to give society a new shape, albeit in a new way. An Unconditional Basic Income creates the premises which allow individual abilities to fully unfold: that way the social organism will inevitably change by itself. This is the difference to ideologies: it doesn’t tell you how society has to be.

Implementing an Unconditional Basic Income isn’t an economic but a cultural process. It requires us to reconsider work, income, society and democracy. And in which kind of world we would like to live.

FB-pages are linked below. Just add new ones in the comments (also from outside Facebook).
Please tag (by using the @ element) or mention further UBI activists in the comments!

*Basic Income Guarantee, aka **Unconditional/Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Follow all these pages through this list:


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