WSFcafe Sarejevo 6 7 8 june Invitation DIRECT ON LINE INVITATION to “WSF CAFE SARAJEVO” — 6 7 8 JUNE 2014

> Word social forum ( WSF) is a permanent process, linking organisations and people, > who think “another world is possible” and intend to build it in a variety of ways
> WSF process takes the form of a succession of events with an open space methodology > where organizations meet and dialogue during self organized “activities”
> Peace event, held in Sarajevo 6 7 8 June, is including a social forum event >
> over 150 workshops organized >
> This is an invitation to participate, directly, or ON LINE, > in WSF cafe Sarajevo, WSF cafe Sarajevo is a place where to meet and chat about WSF process, share testimonies, questions, ideas, experiences > WSF Cafe Sarajevo will be active 6 7 8 june 10am to 18pm UTC +2  >
> You are welcome,to fill the on line form (click link below) about how you want to Participate in WSF Café Sarajevo; also you can connect to your skype, and, as of now, contact skype user ” wsfcafe.sarajevo ” We will include you in a chat conversation room, and a mailing list and give you further information about WSF Cafe
> WSFcafe Sarajevo


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