GREENIT CONFERENCE IN CZESTOCHOWA see this page for details and proposal from the network

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    Following the TM meeting in Czestochowa, as usual, relations have been very useful and informative.
    I made thos thought: in a “second comer” philosophy, maybe 160 good practices, even clusterized in sector, should be reduced in 10 “ready to use”, with cosr, benefit and demonstration of the experience.
    The better should be format of aasingle page, similar to the Poster, where for each one should be said:

    How much does it cost; example, 1000 street lamps imp!ementation, save in three years
    How to implement/transfer the practice, actors, stakeholders to involve,
    Possoble AT and related costs.

    This should be a very effective approach for policy maker too often distracted from RES theme by strumental protest.
    I can image is not simple, but it will be a powerful tool for all us.

    What do you thik about it?


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