8752030 12.12.2010 [1]  The STREAMCITIES’ DOSSIER is the synthesis of an Euro-Mediterranean cooperation into the MEDPACT PROGRAM between the Municipalities of Catania (Italy), Bethlehem (West Bank); Reggio Emilia (Italy); Valencia (Spain);   El Mina (Lebanon);  Fès (Morocco) and the network ReCS (Italy) and ANCI IDEALI (representative of Italian towns in Bruxelles) on the matter of the methodology of strategic planning as tool for common governance.

The bottomline considerations that emerges from this STREAMCITIES’ DOSSIER (click the image above for free download), in short, focuses on two essential points:

  • a) it is very difficult to start strategic planning processes which is intended to have an effect on the territory, before integrating procedures and institutional dialogue (a condition that, as the Dossier documents clearly show is not a bureaucratic rigidity but a matter of of simplification), and make forms, agreements, decision models, etc., available (understood as cultural artifacts) and this is the main way to build partnership and participation;
  • b) the questionnaires and thematic meetings have led to highlight the common themes, which are in practice: –> focus on young people and women as agents of change; –> Development of new forms of tourism, with emphasis on relationships and the sharing of cultural and artistic keys; –> Focus on the skills of local crafts to qualify on a qualitative and lined up on the artistic dimension and cultural sites.

The developing lines have been condensed in the idea of proposing as a follow-up a ”Bazar Mediterraneo – Mediterranean Marketplaces – Suq Méditerranéen”, to promote a strategy for participation of citizens and a shared operation in the different local contexts of the Partner Cities.

[The European Commission supported this project through the MEDPACT program. The contents of the STREAMCITIES’ DOSSIER represent the point of view of this project and of their authors and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Commission]



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