The rising of cosmopolitan personalities

The essays inside this book express the change due to the diffusion of internet as communication integrated system, allowing to people to enter in touch in reason of common interests, given to the general mass the opportunity to elaborate a cultural dimension unthinkable before, except in utopian romance. This should be able to avoid any dictatorship in the future, and a progressive expansion of both individual and collective consciousness. But the path isn’t so obvious: people are melted into a word’s vortex, without the ability to distinguish what matters and what not at all, posing in the same plane of reflection such different kind of contents and recognizing only power, money and celebrity. The beginning of the ’20 in this XXI century are full of disillusion, and the instance is engraved by health attack which, independently from the originary reason, seems to be something very appreciated by the establishment, giving a reason to have the control over the masses without exceptions “for superior needs”, something really important as far as the industrial production doesn’t need anymore hundred of people as workers into the factories.

(c) 2020


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