What Israel?

We have at least two ideas of Israel: one, based on the Book of Numbers, which is the idea of Israel conquer of the world; the other one is based on the Isaiah’s Prophecy, Israel as a Light for the Nations.

The sentence above got a parallel understanding: as Ezra Pound wrote in his poems, “there are no righteous wars”. Even more, what it should be understood is that the war of a nation against another nation is always an hoax. People are completely indifferent to national quarries: the real thing is the conflict between opposite groups of power.

What is to say is that there’s just one war, permanent, that is the war of the rich against the poor.

Nikolaj Roerich: Realm of Light
Nicholas Roerich Museum, Inc., New York
© 1931 by Roerich Museum Press.
© 2017 by Nicholas Roerich Museum.
First published in 1931. Second edition 2017


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