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New issue of “European Union Foreign Affairs Journal” (EUFAJ), an eQuarterly published by LIBERTAS – European Institute GmbH, a pro-European Integration  think tank. Have a look at the EUFAJ issue no. 3 / 2016 which can be downloaded under: EUFAJ is a non-profit project. All older issues can be downloaded on

n 3/16

  • Documentation about the new EU common foreign and defense policy strategy, and the first EU-NATO common document
  • South Ossetia: Between Independence and Integration into Russia
  • Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Azerbaijan
  • Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine as a Factor Destabilizing Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • Eurasian Integration and the EU
  • United States of Europe: The Future of the European Union – An American View
  • The Sino-Russian Cooperation in Economy: A View from Russia
  • India and China: Too Close for Comfort?
  • Three Themes that Can Hit the Chinese Engine – A View from India

We welcome contributions from your personal and professional environment  – scientific ones or policy-focused, on international, comparative subjects, or on your view of EU /  third country relations, inner-country developments, or international policy etc. All articles are published in English; contributions will be edited. We do not raise any fees for publishing articles.

We also run a blog, for the time between the quarterly issues:

Finally, we are also accessible on Facebook, where you can be informed about our publications and many other activities:

And last but not least, we are also publishing “Eurasian Economic Union Observer”, the only periodical from the European Union covering the EEU of Russia with four more states. You can find this publication from our EEU Observatory under all the EUFAJ issues on,  too.



Ofelya Sargsyan

Editor, European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ)


Ofelya Sargsyan

M.A. American Univ., Yerevan, M.A. Univ. Flensburg, Germany


LIBERTAS – Europaeisches Institut GmbH

Lindenweg 37

72414 Rangendingen – Germany

AG Stuttgart HRB 243253

UST-ID/VAT-ID: DE811240129

Tel.: +49/7471/984996-12

Fax: +49/7471/984996-19




European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (EUFAJ)


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