Academicus XI

It has been published and now available Issue 11-2015 of Academicus, the international scientific revue.  In this number: James J. Chriss: Goffman, Parsons, and the Negational Self;  Nadia Rusi: Aspects of government policies in the fields of economy and entrepreneurship from the gender viewpoint; Maria Antonietta Selvaggio: A case study, Bagnoli: a difficult transition; Renata Tokrri: From tolerance to the secular State in Italy; Biljana Popovska, Zhanet Ristoska: Process of Reconciliation in a Postconflict Macedonia; Bujar Abedinaj: Geopolitical dimension of thinking in the Albanian language supports the Euro-Atlantic integration; Nizamettin Doğar: Workplace Bullying Scale: The Study of Validity and Reliability; Bekim Maksuti, Ylber Sela: Challenge of the European Union’s Energy Security Approach; Erajd Dobjani: The Extent of Judicial Administrative Control the Power of the Administrative Court; Aurela Bozo: Sex trade, social and legal aspect of the phenomena and the Albanian criminal legislation provisions; Ignazia Bartholini: Some consideration about the gender violence in two States of Eastern and Western Europe; Alban Koci: Clinical Education, the lessons learned from practical applications – Albanian issues, East Europe and the advanced international practices on Clinical Education; Irene Ranaldi: Suburbs of space, suburbs of existence: the approach to the town of Pope Francis; Amantia Levanaj, Besmira Arshiaj: Causing non-contractual damages according to Albanian law; Xhevdet Halili: Smuggling of human beings and connection with organized crime

International Scientific Journal


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