INTERREG GREENIT: New reports reveal rapid development of LED lamps and shortcomings of estimated ecodesign savings

eceee Press Release 24 Nov 14. The market of LED lamps in Europe is moving much faster than was previously expected. A new LED test report shows that LED “clear incandescent look-alikes” are several years ahead of price and performance projections; and sheds new light on the Commission’s proposal to delay the 2016 ban on general service halogen lamps.

The Test Report – Clear, Non-Directional LED Lamps presents a study that was undertaken by the Swedish Energy Agency, the Belgian government, CLASP’s European Programme and eceee. The report’s starting point is the new LED products introduced into the European market at low prices and claiming very high performance levels. The report presents a limited market study of the products available in the current European market and is based on tests of available products and comparisons of product data from a number of international databases.

Furthermore, an updated IEA 4E benchmarking report shows that mains-voltage general service halogen lamps are being used as the primary replacement for incandescent lamps instead of CFLs, thus eroding much of the projected savings from the 2009 domestic lighting regulation.



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