The Urbact Prevent Transnational Meeting in The Hague (Netherlands) finally saw the full participation of Catania to this important and relevant partnership. As it was explained during these works, Catania had to face some several problems in the local financial matter. Now the Mayor Mr. Enzo Bianco – who is a personality with great experience in teamworking into inter-institutional framework – re-launched the activities of the City of Catania in an emporewed perspective of innovation and modernization.

Catania subscribed therefore the Prevent declaration in The Hague, whose main content is about early school leaving as a complex phenomenon and reducing the number of early school leavers requires strong political commitment and a cross-sectorial approach on local level. The URBACT Prevent programme offers an important platform for European cities to cooperate and reach the goal of the Europe 2020 strategy together. The Europe 2020 strategy includes a reduction of early school leaving (ESL) to less than 10 per cent by the end of 2020. High rates of early school leavers mean a tremendous waste of potential and, as a consequence, a major barrier to individual, social and economic development for those involved. The Prevent project stress the importance of realising parental involvement in ESL. Through the partnership and active collaboration of our cities in the Prevent project we are working together to get parents involved in a sustainable way. In the first phase of the Prevent project we exchanged and assessed good practices of local parental involvement initiatives between our partner cities. The production of the ‘Guidelines of Good practices’, which is due at the end of 2013, is a result of this exchange and will complete the first part of our partnership. In the phase that follows the production of these guidelines we will focus on ‘transferability’: the translation of phase one’s best practices to partner cities’ local realities. Each city’s URBACT Local Support Group will help with the realisation of this translation. The upcoming bilateral meetings between partner cities serve to assist in the local implementation of the international best practices as well. Considering the above, the Deputy Mayors, commit themselves to the successful completion of the Prevent project.

Here in attach, the good practices created through the experience of Catania into the URBACT PREVENT approach to generate a favorable environment to prevent early school leavers and problems with the life-school through the involvment of parents.

The two good practices of Catania are focused on some activities – so special as far as simple – that create attention on sociality and cultural values of education. Concretely, the issues are composed on:

a) learning to play an instrument – according the consolidate experience of the Abreu methodology (Abreu is the Venezuela’s famous musician/composer that gave a social meaning to music to prevent young people to enter in criminal life in risk areas). Throug this link a short movie of the initiative held in May 2013



b) through a call of papers on the art or writing, creating a social competition among young peoples, with the purpose to publish final results in an e-book (printed version also disposable). To give a non-provincial perspective, the book is composed by two main section: the first one made by the collect works (abstract) of student, mainly of the Catania’s metropolitan areas; the second is a short collection which indludes some contributes from all around the world, using poetry as common framework to express feelings and emotion and a common tension for European values.

Good practice.doc Catania Call Paper.pdf

Good practice.doc Catania Music at School.pdf

Catania description.pdf


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