This time is different> EU PARLIAMENT ELECTIONS

‘This time it’s different.’ But is it really? Check out the European parliament’s dramatic new video in the run-up to the European elections. See on Cafebabel

Yesterday, the European parliament launched the first of a series of videos promoting the 2014 parliamentary elections. The European union attempts to encourage people to vote next year with a blockbuster-style film trailer. Europe faces many problems: austerity regimes, widespread poverty, youth unemployment, migration between countries, and the numerous other issues which bedeck the front pages of our newspapers. While so far European institutions have barely dipped their toes into addressing these issues on a large scale, the new video proclaims that ‘this time is different.’ While we’re encouraged to think we’re all in this together, just what exactly are we in? Are we to expect large scale social change from the European Parliament, or only more dramatic sound bites with electro soundtracks? The challenge is on.

Video Credits: European Parliament/ youtube


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