Twinning of the municipality and the city of Valdina and Gulbene. Pact of brotherhood between Italy and Latvia.

On the issues of sustainable development, the environment and alternative energy.
The town of Valdina, hilly center of the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Messina, has signed a solemn pact of brotherhood with the city Latvian Gulbene. To affix the signatures Pierluigi Di Stefano for Italy and Dainis Svika for Latvia, the notes and the national anthems of Europe. Witnesses outstanding President of the Province of Messina Giovanni Ricevuto [in the photo, received the President is at the center; Dainis Svika to his right, his left Pierluigi Di Stefano], the priest Antonino Merlino and a delegation of Italian students . The symbol of the pacts was preceded by technical operations of Beatrice Briguglio, coordinator of the work, and Davide Crimi director of the Europe Direct Center of Catania, who have insisted on the importance of community planning and communication in terms of information exchange but also of products and services .
The foreign delegation during their stay in Italy participated in the seminar “Green Meeting: Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Green Economy”, organized by the Consortium of sixteen municipalities, communes for the job. During the workshop were discussed with institutions, associations, companies, journalists and opinion leaders the issues of climate change, renewable energy and green economy through a constructive debate needed to fully analyze expectations, delays and opportunities for the countries involved. Speakers included several mayors and head of the department of mental health Biagio Messina Gennaro explained that the project light and freedom.
One initiative that combines the use of alternative and renewable energies with the capitalization of economic resources necessary to provide freedom and dignity of life for twenty years, fifty-six inmates in the psychiatric prison. The foreign partners also met with students of the institute including Venetico Leonardi Letter together with the headmaster and teachers, and have actually built an intercultural dialogue on European issues. Through the twinning, which is part of the European project “European identity to Confrontation” on the Community Programme “Europe for Citizens”, some ways have been guided to share the historical, artistic and landscape of the area, visit local businesses, including as brick, typical of the local socio-economic context, with the involvement of the entire population. All this without neglecting the tasting of typical food and wine, and intangible heritage of the area of the Tyrrhenian Sicily.
The success of the project is due to careful design activities organized by Beatrice Briguglio and Tino Celisi and adequate communication campaign, created by Mariella Di Giovanni, who has allowed the dissemination of information and the involvement of the social fabric that revolves around Valdina. Synergies and comparison of the specificities and competences of the partners have opened a dialogue that will lead to the visit of Latvia in 2011 by an Italian delegation also consists of students, recipients of any real change possible. The Latvian delegation composed of thirty-three people left Italy after opening concrete partnerships with schools through the Comenius, with companies and with local institutions. (M.d.g.)

Sulle prossime possibilità di collaborazione, si segnala un bando della Regione Siciliana su fondi comunitari:

Dipartimento Attività Produttive – Linea di intervento Avviso pubblico progetto Estonia, Lettonia, Lituania per la selezione di operatori siciliani per la partecipazione a iniziative di internazionalizzazione

e, inoltre,

una iniziativa sul piano della cultura, una call for papers su temi connessi alla comprensione reciproca e al superamento delle barriere linguistiche attraverso i simboli della tradizione, della musica, del folklore e del teatro.


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