​​“Let’s Get Together for Building Tolerance” Scambio giovanile sui diritti e le diversità

Praga, Repubblica Ceca  13-22 febbraio 2015

Participants age and profile: 18-25 years old   Participants needed: 1 participant  Type of project: Youth Exchange funded by the European programme Erasmus+  Dates of the exchange: 13-22/02/2015  Place: Prague, Czech Republic  Hosting organisation: Tmelnik, http://tmelnik.cz/  Involved countries: Italy, Czech Republic, Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Netherlands  Description: Let’s Get Together for Building Tolerance (Together 4 LGBT) is a youth exchange that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic 42 youth from 8 different countries (Czech Republic, Bosnia, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Poland) that aims to: – earn more knowledge about the situation of LGBT community in Europe and develop modalities to promote tolerance for LGBT communities – raise the awareness of 42 participants about the situation of LGBT communities 8 different countries – earn more knowledge regarding discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes of LGBT community – promoting an inclusive approach of the LGBT to the 42 participants, from 8 counties – finding ways how to promote tolerance and inclusion of LGBT communities – developing skills on creating workshops, videos, presentations and informational campaign for promoting tolerance for LGBT – promoting the project materials to the national and international partner organizations. All the methodology use in the activities of the youth exchange will be Non Formal. The results of the activities will consist mainly in creation of the 42 participants of different videos, on-line campaigns, organizing activities in Prague, facilitating a public presentation that promote the tolerance for LGBT. We are looking for participants that are motivated and interested to create campaigns to promote tolerance for LGBT communities, from different backgrounds, boys or girls, straight or gay. The participants should speak English and open to discuss about their approach regarding LGBT communities in general. The participants have to be young people from 18 to 25 years old. Each partner organization will select 2 boys, 2 girls and 1 youth leader.

Financial conditions:

–           Food, accommodation and activities are 100% covered by the project

–           Travel costs are 100% covered by the project up to a maximum of  €170

–           “Quota associativa YouNet”: €50. These membership fees should be paid only by confirmed participants and give them the status of YouNet’s member and access to all our benefits.

As a result of the participation in this project, will be issued a European certification (“Youthpass”) certifying the skills gained and valid for the European CV. In order to take part in the selection process, please fill this form AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YNKkHrZIEEDbqgLb-pQhvo0uyRP8RUcDcBZYwOZXpoM/viewform.

For further information, please contact: team@you-net.eu

Via dello Scalo 21/3, Bologna – 40131
tel +39 3808698725
Twitter: Younet_


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